About Digital Village

The purpose of the Digital Village is to become the welcoming ecosystem that allows everyone to create in Web3 and integrate their digital assets and lifestyles seamlessly and ethically into the Multiverse. The DV is a real-time Sustainability focused MMO Multiverse, connected to its Social Marketplace, which merges the physical and digital world through its social blockchain technology, the Village Protocol interface enabling real-time interactive, transparent, secure, and traceable utility for digital assets.

Digital Village’s mission is to redesign our social understanding and sustainable integration of Web3 in Art, Design, and Culture to improve our online spaces and their impact on our physical lifestyles.

The DV Marketplace

The Digital Village’s Marketplace allows members to mint NFTs. It starts crowdfunding projects (offering assets for co-ownership and as investment opportunities with the community backing the value of the auctioned NFTs). The Marketplace allows the exchange of assets and the ability to export assets into the Multiverse, allowing real-time utility. With in-game tools and DV currency, players and organizations can engage with their communities and create a direct, measurable impact around economic, social, cultural, and environmental sustainability.
The Digital Village has adapted a blockchain agnostic approach supporting Vechain and Ethereum blockchains. The DV will continue implementing other relevant chains during Q3, 2022.

The Village Protocol (Global Patent)

The Villagers visualize and immerse with the blockchain in real-time through the Village Protocol interface. Charting the movement of their Avatars digital footprints and the DV community, Villagers participate, socialize, and collaborate with fellow players on the Village Protocol, where they influence the fluctuating movement of the protocol’s impact on the market in real-time, adding transparency to the entire community, digital assets and the Marketplace. The Village Protocol allows users to mirror their activities and experiences in the physical world and the Digital Village Multiverse utilizing the DV currency in real-time.

The DV Multiverse

The DV’s Multiverse is built on Unreal Engine, consisting of a total of 300.000 Parcels. (1 parcel=200m²). The land sale will consist of private sales, auctions, and limited releases as NFTs. The DV’s multiverse ecosystem visualizes and immerses blockchain technologies through the Village Protocol social gate connecting the Marketplace with the Multiverse and allowing interoperability with other Multiverse projects. The DV being a Blockchain agnostic enables scalability and utility for NFTs and mass adoption of the virtual lifestyle. Players can personalize their own space through the Infinity Room by exporting digital assets, including Avatars, Skins, and Art NFTs, directly from the Marketplace into the Multiverse.

On the DV Multiverse, Villagers can create or participate in events including games, exhibitions, fashion weeks, concerts, conferences, and community-led collaborative activities.

The Digital Village Coin

The Digital Village will leverage the full potential of Web3 by launching its native in-game currency. This new social incentivizing system will encourage members’ physical and digital lifestyles to connect and help onboard traditional businesses onto the Multiverse.

With sustainability being a core driving value at the DV. The DV coin focuses on the overall sustainability of society (cultural, economic, and social aspects) and not just on environmental sustainability. Villagers can earn The Villager Coins by completing challenges provided by the community or making mindful choices: supporting local and sustainable businesses in the real-world environment. The DV coin aims to lead to an open, inclusive economy creating collective prosperity where climate change is tackled as a collective effort and action.

Awards, Grants, and Recognitions

  • The Digital Village was awarded the Epic Games Unreal Engine MegaGrant.
  • The DV was awarded two Vechain Foundation Grants for the Village Protocol blockchain interface.
  • The BlockStart, backed by the EU Horizon 2020 innovation fund, selected the DV as the top 6 Blockchain Companies to receive a grant and mentorship connecting the DV to SMEs for prototyping.
  • The Digital Village won the BLOCKROCKET Start-Up of the Month, though public pitching competition to an audience of 60+ and jury members inc. Wolfgang Männel , Pranav Sharma and Sarah Finegan.
  • The Digital Village was selected as the top 11 companies to the finals of the ClimateLaunchPad, the world’s largest competition for tackling climate change run by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), Climate-KIC, and supported by the European Commission.
  • The DV solo female founder, Evelyn Mora was recently included in the Top 30 voices influencing the Metaverse.
  • The Digital Village raised 2+ million USD for its pre-seed round.
  • Received +150K USD in grants.
  • The DV was featured in global publications including, Vogue Italy, Vogue Scandinavia, Vogue Turkey print issue, Dazed, WWD, FashionUnited, and more. (earned media)
  • The DV team featured in an international documentary around technology and innovation, released in early 2022. TBA
  • The DV users on the Marketplace grew 900% in December 2021.

Latest Updates

  1. The Digital Village was incorporated in the USA as the parent company of the French subsidiary.
  2. The DV became blockchain agnostic, supporting multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Vechain.
  3. The DV became platform-agnostic, supporting all devices, including mobile.
  4. The DV team grew with three new team members, including Unreal Engine developers and a Product Manager.
  5. The DV partnered with other Multiverse projects, including The Sandbox Game to promote interoperability and digital sustainability.

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