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Digital Village (DV) is a recomposition of social media, gaming and e-commerce. DV is the first real-time Sustainable Multiplayer Metaverse connected to its Social Marketplace, that merges the physical and digital world with its own social blockchain technology, Village Protocol and allows real utility of digital assets. Create your Metaprofile today and let your digital footprints take you into the Digital Village Metaverse built on Unreal Engine. 👣

DV applies human-centric design principles to create a Metaverse through the blockchain-based Metaprofiles powered by The Village Protocol Social System connecting users through the marketplace into the DV MMO, connecting users with physical environments through their digital footprints.

The Village Protocol (Global Patent)

Users are visualizing and immersing with the blockchain In real-time through the Village Protocol system. Charting the movement of the digital footprints of their avatars and the community. Users participate, socialize and collaborate with fellow users on the Village Protocol, where they influence the fluctuating movement of the protocol impacting the market directly, transparent to the entire community. The Village Protocol allows users to mirror their activities and experiences in the physical world to the digital world utilizing DV coins in real-time from the marketplace into the metaverse through their Metaprofiles of Digital Village.

DV Coin

DV Coin (DVC) is a new social incentivizing system, a complete opposite to the "like" button, which fosters negative comparisons on social media. DV coins help support each other for good actions in the real world and Digital Village Metaverse, leading to a large impact through behavioral development. DV Coin is a new social system to build an ecosystem for sustainable action, and users earn their reputation based on efforts. DV coin is a new accounting mechanism like carbon offset with which a business, a government, online communities or an individual can use to transact someone else to cut or remove a given quantity of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (instead of planting a tree which will be planted now and will create actual impact in years time with DV Loyalty Points the impact has already been created.

The only difference is DV Coin will focus on the overall sustainability of humans and not just on environmental sustainability but also on cultural and social aspects. Users can earn DV coins by completing challenges provided by DV or making mindful choices by supporting local and sustainable businesses, by supporting female entrepreneurship, businesses, and organizations owned by people of color, minorities, or practicing more sustainable lifestyles by taking physical and digital actions to contribute to positive social impact. DVC will also lead to an open, inclusive economy where emerging creative talents focus on their vision and sustainability goals through a peer-curated feedback loop of content, ideas, and data, problem-solving, and design thinking approach.

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