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Technical Artist - Unreal Engine

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About Digital Village

We are pioneers in the collaborative creation of the Metaverse. Our team at Digital Village strives for excellence in the digital realm, redefining the way we interact in digital spaces, and how those digital spaces feed back into everyday life. From all of us at Digital Village, we look forward to working with you, likeminded and forward-thinking pioneers, to change the world!


  • Push the excellence of the project by solving complex technical problems.
  • Work proactively with Technical Designer and impart technical knowledge to achieve and maintain a high level of performance
  • Collaborate with Technical Designer to design, implement, document, and maintain the codebase
  • Research and prototype new technologies to keep the project on the cutting edge
  • Advise teams on the technical feasibility and possible risks of new features
  • Meet project deadlines and target dates

Here's what you'll be doing

  • Development of core mechanics to the project
  • Coordinate with Technical Designer to develop the user experience
  • Iterate quickly to feedback on given tasks and code reviews contribute to optimisation efforts
  • Perform testing, bug reporting, tracking, and resolutions on this project


  • Extensive experience working with Unreal Engine (at least 2 years).
  • Experience/Gameplay Creation - Create interaction and functionality using Unreal's Blueprints and UMG system.
  • Material and complex shaders Creation - Design complex materials in Unreal and professional “how to do” on best practices for material creation.
  • Lighting - Be well versed in the various lighting techniques in Unreal.
  • Optimisation - Optimize content through profling and enhancing performance with the help of diagnostic tools and instructing.
  • Support integration of assets by artists.
  • Developing performance of frame rate and memory.
  • Researching and overseeing the implementation of rendering techniques.
  • Advanced experience of Unreal's Blueprints system and UMG.

Desirable Skills

  • Good understanding of linear content creation workflows in Feature Animation or VFX
  • Comfortable in a range of content creation software including Maya, Photoshop, zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter.
  • Passion for driving new technologies
  • Quick learning capacity to pick up new skills and grow alongside the company
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills
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