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Metaverse Big Bang! Reverse Interoperability for Web3, Why own a land when you can own a Metaverse?

March 2, 2022

The Digital Village IO Inc. is building a Multiverse hosting hundreds of thousands of independent, fully interoperable Metaverses, all contributing to ethical internet. Web3 enables individuals to own their data and transact without the approval of a governing body including users and suppliers who can interact with an open and transparently accessible community of developers.

The Digital Village IO Inc. is proposing a borderless Web3. Building the balance between the open-source and ownership, the Digital Village now identified as a Multiverse is selling NFT land parcels as independent Metaverses.

As a Villager, you can buy the digital Twin of any area or any zone of the Digital Village as an NFT, and grow it as an independent Metaverse building its community within the DV Multiverse.All Metaverses are interoperable with one another within the DV Multiverse enabling NFT compatibility ready to be used in- game. The Metaverse owners can choose to make their worlds private or public, they have access to the DV environments, social tools, and other in-game technologies. The Digital Village IO Inc. is building a Multiverse hosting hundreds of thousands of independent, fully interoperable Metaverses, all contributing to ethical internet.

“Interoperability is the main focus and challenge right now in the industry. The future of Web3 must be diverse and embody inclusion. Instead of forcing ourselves to hardcode interoperability with the few existing Metaverses, we want to enable like-minded creators to join the DV. I have always been more interested in subcultures, tribes, and cultural communities rather than the large obvious actors. I think instead of having an only number of Metaverses interoperable we can have thousands, hundreds of thousands, inspiring, diverse communities, ruling their Metaverse and communities rather than just peace of land within the Larger ecosystem.” - Evelyn Mora, CEO, and Founder

We will be expanding and cooling, just like the Big Bang. The DV mainland as we call it, will stay fully curated, with inclusivity at its core focus, enabling access to all. The DV mainland will stay as a public space of the community, hosting events and other diverse activities.

“The team at the Digital Village wants to emphasise that we are building a technology company, not an application. This focus presents equal parts challenge and opportunity to define behaviors and develop tools that allow our community to design their own experiences inside their very own metaverse. We believe the Digital Village Multiverse can evolve into authentic digital worlds - built and governed the way the community wishes and limited only by the creativity of those who inhabit them.” - Shaun Ogilvy, The Digital Village Head of Product

Every season an Independent Metaverse will be integrated into the DV mainland, based on its popularity and performance measured through community voting. The selected Metaverse will have the opportunity to grow further and have a larger impact in the Multiverse.

“By creating a system in which the authority of play is moved from a centralized source to a decentralized one, players are given agency in their worlds. The most sustainable future for our architecture is to move wholly into the metaverse both as a team and a community. Creating as a community, playing as a community, and growing as a community will provide us all with an unmistakable perspective on the worlds we shape for both ourselves and those that will look on us as we do our ancestors.” - Dustin Rode, The Digital Village Game Director

This approach will complement the vision of the Digital Village to not only make the Web3 space truly interoperable and inclusive by giving its members the chance to build their Metaverses but it helps with the long-term vision of the careful curation of the Digital Village. The Metaverse sale will be online in April 2022.

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