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The Social Metaverse Ecosystem Digital Village IO Inc. Raises 2M for its Pre-Seed Round to Build a Better Web

December 10, 2021

The Digital Village MMO Metaverse is redefining the construct of society and how we interact with the internet as a community. The DV aims to redefine how our time online echoes back into our physical lifestyles, and adapt it to the ethical mindset of the connectivity between humans and technology.

The Digital Village (DV), launching to the public in Q2, 2022 is a recomposition of gaming, social media, and e-commerce. DV adds a new dimension to social media, by allowing digital twins to walk and interact in virtual spatial spaces, and share their real-time experiences and digital assets across platforms.

The DV closed its Pre-Seed funding round today at 2 million upsizing from its initial 500k goal and gained backing from active investors, including Venrex, an early-stage Venture Capital firm that has previously backed Revolut, Lyst, and Charlotte Tilbury amongst others. The Venture Reality Fund portfolio includes several successful Metaverse and VR companies like Wave and Rec Room, M6, and NOIA Capital. These actors will support the DV on its mission to build a more ethical, massively adaptable, and seamless Metaverse.

The DV has implemented both crypto-currency and fiat methods to provide stability in relation to assets, NFTs, and blockchain technologies. It aims to take the Metaverse lifestyle and economy to the masses. The DV marketplace is blockchain agnostic and currently supports Ethereum and Vechain through its Village Protocol interface.

The DV has already been widely recognized for its pioneering products. In 2020, The DV hosted the world’s first awarded 3D fashion week gathering over 700K participants globally. Digital Village was awarded the Epic Games MegaGrant, the Vechain Foundation Grants, the BlockStart Grant, and mentorship backed by the EU Horizon 2020 fund. Digital Village was selected as the top 11 companies to the finals of the ClimateLaunchPad, the world’s largest competition for tackling climate change. The DV solo female founder, Evelyn Mora was recently included in the Top 30 voices shaping the Metaverse by .

The purpose of The DV is to become a welcoming ecosystem that allows everyone to create in Web3 and integrate their digital assets and lifestyles seamlessly and ethically into the Metaverse. This comprehensive and diverse ecosystem will enable members to showcase, wear, use, and exchange their digital assets with their communities.

The Digital Village is going to leverage the full potential of Web 3.0 by launching its own native in-game currency. This new social incentivizing system will encourage members’ physical and digital lifestyles to connect and help onboard traditional businesses onto the Metaverse.
Sustainability is a core value of the DV. In view of that, the DV coin will foster collective prosperity to generate good actions in the real world and in the Digital Village Metaverse, leading to a large impact through behavioural development. The DV aims to build a Metaverse platform with ethical methods at its core, with human-centric design, thinking about the impact on its members as well as the impact this new environment and lifestyle will have on culture, art, fashion, and sustainability.

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