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WWD becomes the first global media company to launch their multiplayer Metaverse exclusively in the Digital Village Multiverse

July 12, 2022

The WWD x DV collaboration started with a vision of celebrating WWD's moments in history, inviting visitors to an immersive, virtual world. The project includes collaborations with the WWD, Fairchild Fashion, and the Digital Village. The event was live-streamed and accessible on the 28th of June, during the WWD Metaverse Symposium for a limited audience in la Galerie Bourbon, Paris, France.

From the 30th of June, the WWD Metaverse created exclusively with Digital Village is accessible for everyone using Windows and macOS.

The WWD Metaverse represents a historical moment in Fashion. WWD is the first global Media company to create its Metaverse and sell ad spaces as storefronts in its virtual world. The partners have the opportunity to build their stores and connect them to their websites and e-commerce platforms while engaging and sharing with the WWD Metaverse community. 

Visitors entering the WWD Metaverse can express their identity in-game by selecting and customizing their avatars. Once inside, they can communicate with other users in the Metaverse through audio chat and text chat.

Inside the WWD Metaverse, visitors first enter through the Museum showcasing an exhibition of WWD's Moments in History. This exhibition features iconic fashion moments during WWD's lifetime, with limited edition NFTs available on the Digital Village Marketplace until the 30th of July. 

Exiting the Museum leads to the WWD Black Box. An immersive space featuring interactive storefronts, showrooms, and exhibitions with partners such as Alibaba Group, Accenture, Give Back Beauty, and Ledger.

Inside the Black Box is a portal that transports visitors to The Grand Palais and Jules Verne-inspired greenhouse. The greenhouse space will host various events, such as exhibitions, real-time fashion shows, and panel discussions on five moving elevators that provide panoramic views of the greenhouse gardens. 

Please check out the first-ever WWD Metaverse and get yourself immersed in the DV Multiverse here: WWD Metaverse

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